A SCA Adapter for FM Music

This Circuit was NOT Designd by me and the Designer is Unknown.

However It has been tested and works well, so I designed a PCB for it.

Created "Mar 1, 2005"
Latest Revision Dec 31, 2009

S.C.A.  Is an Abbreviation for: "Subsiduary Communication Authorization".

This applies to an Additional 67 Khz Modulation on the standard FM Carrier. It is intended to provide Commerical-Free Background Music for Stores, Offices and others.

The Origional Schematic was not very good so I have Re-Drawn it. I suggest this unit be plased between the Reciever and amplifier. Before any Volume controls or tone controls.

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 The Schematic

 The PCB

 Picture Overlay, Courtesay of "Paul" in Ontario, Canada. I Assume it is Correct.

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