Propane Leak Detector

Created: "April 2, 2011"

This detector will detect Very Small amounts of Propane, Natural Gas, Butane
and some Other Hydrocarbon gases.

Origionally I built this detector because I have a Propane Powered Vehicle. And my origional design was made about 25 years ago. However, I now created this New Circuit and PCB to make a physically Smaller size device, With Greater Sensitivity.

This sensor will also detect some liquids, like MEK and Acetone, but it is not as sensitive to these liquids as it is to the propane and some other gases.

I can supply some of the parts and PCB for this project. I Do NOT supply the Figaro "TGS813" Detector. However you can Purchase this Sensor Direct from "Figaro in Il, USA".

Phone 847-832-1701 Email:

In a Unit Quantity, it will Cost you $16.00, Plus Shipping Cost.

Also, I can't supply the 12 volt Piezo Alarm, but these are available from numerous suppliers. "Or leave it off and just use the meter".

NOTE: If you don't use the Piezo Alarm, you also don't need to put the LM393 and associated Parts on the PCB.

The Heater in this Sensor is designed to operate at 5 Volts and it draws about 165 mA. So operation from a 9 volt battery is not practical.

I built my unit with a power adapter plug, so I can run it from a 12 volt AC adapter or a cord to the cigarette lighter plug in my Vehicle.

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  Schematic of My Detector


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