LM723 Power Supply

Article Created on: "Sept 14, 2011"
Updated on: "Sept 15, 2011"

Here is a Simple Voltage and Current Regulated Power Supply using the LM723 IC.

With the Values Shown, It is Adjustable from 3 to 30 Volts and 0 to 3 Amps. This circuit does NOT have Output SHORT CIRCUIT Protection, So a 3 Amp Fuse on the Output would be a Good Idea.

Ideally you will put an Amp-Meter, Where is says "M" on the PCB. If you Don't, you Must put a Wire Jumper across there.

The Current and Voltage Controls should be Regular Pots, Mounted on your case For Ease of Adjustment.

The I-Trim should be a Trimpot and Adjusted so that When the Current Control is at Minimum, The Output current is Actually at Minimum. You will need a Suitable Load to do this. (Possibly a 12 Volt, Car Park-Light, Light Bulb)

Sorry, I can only supply a Limited Number of parts for this Project. I Do Not stock the LM723 or either of those Darlington Transistors. But I Can Supply the Other Parts and the PCB.

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  LM723 Schematic.

 The PCB Artwork.

 Picture of Assembled PCB.

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