LM3914 Ramp Display

Preliminary article Created: "Sept 8, 2012"
Latest Update: "Sept 9, 2012"

Here is a Simple Circuit to produce a Ramp type of display.

It could be used as a Turn Signal Indicator, with either a Moving Dot or Bar Display.

A Second Schematic and PCB is also supplied to allow for a Higher Current Drive. I used 2N3906 Transistors for my testing and can deliver about 200 mA. But any PNP Transistor are OK.

A Kit of parts/PCB is Available:

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Here is a Link to my Prototype, showing this in operation. (http://youtu.be/vwEJ_TiDfKk) NOTE: The Light Bulb in this Video is wired to show a Full display Sequence.

"The Schematic" May be Subject to some Changes.

"The PCB's"

"Picture Overlay". Note: The Little Part Beside the LM3914 is a SIP PIN JUMPER to change from BAR to DOT Mode. It Could also be a Toogle Switch.

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