A Simple Inverter

Can be used with a wide range of supply voltages by using appropriate transformers.

Can be used to deliver a wide range of output voltages by using appropriate turns ratio.

Revised "Jan 2004"
Schematic Re-drawn Jan 19 2006 to give better clarity.

This circuit will provide a fairly stable "Square Wave" Output Voltage.

Frequency of operation is Mainly determined by the 220 uF Feedback Caps. Currently about 60 Hz.

Various "off the shelf" transformers can be used.
Or Custom wind your own.

Additional Transistors can be further paralleled for higher power.
Or for low power, remove two.
Additionally Other transistor types can be used.

This is not by any means, the most efficient design, but it is "Simple and Works".

It is recommended to always have a Load connected, when power is applied.



 "A Microwave Transformer, being rewound

Here the HV Secondary is removed, but the 2.7 volt winding was "Temporarly left on".
This was to allow a test for possible damage, Before winding a new coil.

 Still to come

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