"A Solar or Wind, Charger / Dump Circuit"

Preliminary Design Created: Dec. 2009
Latest Revision: Mar 27, 2010

I just did this design because of some spare time and a Few requests for it.

General Operation: This is an All Electronic Circuit with "NO Relays". It allows you to charge a battery from another source, such as a Solar panal or generator. When properly set-up, it will stop charging at a Preset voltage, determined by you, Than it will start charging at another Preset voltage, also set by you. When your battery has a reasonable charge, it will operate your Main Load, but it will turn off this load, when the battery is Low. It will Re-Connect this load, After the battery recovers some charge. And when your battery is Fully Charged, the power from your Solar Panal will be sent to the "Dump Load", thus not wasting its power. The Dump Load may be a Second storage battery or an appliance to use this extra power.

All the Mosfets will require "Suitable Heatsinks" to handle the appropriate Current ratings for your Solar Panal. I did my Test Setup with a charging voltage for a Standby Charge of 13.6 Volts. You may want to set it for a normal charge of 14.5 Volts. I set my circuit up for a Drop-Out voltage of 11 Volts. But you can set it where ever you want. The Hystersis Resistor (RX) allows the battery to Re-Charge somewhat, Before connecting the Main Load again. But its value can be Raised in Value for a Smaller voltage difference or Reduced in value for a Greater Voltage change. The Inital Setup should be done using a Variable Voltage power Supply, acting as the Battery and "Without the Solar Panal connected". NOTE: D2 and D3 MUST have a Suitable Current rating for your Solar Panal or Generator. D3 may already be part of the Solar Panal. So check this out on your panal. (D3 prevents the battery power from Discharging back into the panal, preventing damage to it.) Not much else to say at this time, as The Schematic gives most other details. But Subject to Circuit Revisions.

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"The Schematic"

"A picture of the Proto-Type on a Breadboard, Just operating small Light Bulbs." However, I Also tested this on a small Lead Acid Battery and a Power source.

"NEW, Picture Overlay"

"And the PCB"

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