Simple, Trickle Battery Charger

Created "March 12, 2014"
Updated "Feburary 28, 2016"

Using this circuit will give Good Charging results on "SLA" type Battery's
or "NiMh" Battery Packs, like used in my Metal Detector project.

Some people claim it is not good to Trickle Charge NiMh Batteries, But I have never had any problems. And if you look at the Charging systems on all the "Cobra", "Motorola" & Other Brands of Transcievers, This is how they charge their batteries in them.

This Charger can be changed to accomidate various Battery Voltages and A/H Ratings.

This charger uses a 18 or 24 Volt Power Adapter (Wall Wart), as the Main Power Source.

One Example of this type of adapter.

The Output is NOT short circuit protected, However it is Both Voltage and Current Regulated. The Current Limit is effective for outputs that are above a 2 volt potential.

The Battery is also protected from discharging, if the input power is removed, without disconnecting the battery.

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 The Schematic

 The PCB

 The Overlay Picture of a Assembled Board.

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